Teleste Video Networking

H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG and MPEG-2 multi-channel video plus sub-channel audio, data and contact closure transmission system over IP network

Teleste MPX Series Codecs

MPX product family offers all the components needed in networked digital video systems for high performance video security system.

When the reliability of Teleste products is combined with the unparalleled video performance and mission-critical application optimized software, these product families become the industry leaders for video surveillance networking applications. It gives you the touch and feel of traditional analogue systems while providing the flexibility and provided by today’s Ethernet networks.

The MPX (MPC/MPX/MPH) and S-VMX/VMX Series are ideal choices for applications in Transportation (ITS), City Center Monitoring (CCM), Corporate Security or any other installation requiring high quality video networking.
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