SafeWalk - The First Stereovision Video Sensor

SafeWalk combines 3D stereovision technology together with intelligent image processing technology. By using two CMOS cameras in parallel, SafeWalk converts two-dimensional images into three-dimensional information. Based now on this 3D information, embedded and field-proven Traficon algorithms are able to analyze more ‘in depth’; delivering high-level accurate information.

SafeWalk - 3D Stereovision Intelligent Camera for Pedestrian Presence Detection at Crossings

SafeWalk integrates 3D stereovision technology and intelligent detection for pedestrian presence detection at curbsides. The main applications are detection of pedestrians waiting to cross the road, detection of approaching pedestrians intending to cross the road and is suitable for use at crossings or signal controlled junctions.

The main goal of SafeWalk is to improve pedestrian operations and safety at traffic signals. By detecting waiting pedestrians and, at the same time, by managing and controlling traffic lights more dynamically, this intelligent sensor reduces unnecessary delays to both pedestrians and motorists.

SafeWalk also focuses on better protection of mid-block crossings e.g. near schools, shopping centres and hospitals.

This above-ground sensor is designed to view a detection zone adjacent to the pole to which it is mounted. Stationary pedestrians or those moving in the designated zone waiting to cross a roadway will generate a detect state 24/7 in urban conditions.
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