PC Software

On the host computer at the control centre, Traficon PC software monitors the video detection systems, handling TCP/IP communication and database storage of data, alarms and images.

TMS: Flux Intelligent Video Detection Management Software

Flux is an intelligent software platform for use with a Traficon video detection system. Flux collects traffic data, events, alarms and video images generated by the video detectors.

Management, Control and Visualization of Traffic Data and Events
The main goal of Flux is to manage and control all traffic information generated by these various detectors and to make it useful, meaningful and relevant to the user.
Flux provides a user-friendly interface composed of a monitoring and a reporting application. Flux enables real-time monitoring of events and alarms. All event info is automatically documented and visualised in a straightforward way, allowing managing each traffic situation efficiently.

Browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
The client of Flux is a web-based application. This means users only need a web-browser installed on their PC that is connected to the network of the video detection system to access the traffic management system. This web-based zero-install GUI provides more flexibility and better manageability for all users because there is no requirement to install client code or software on the PC.

Event Recording and Immediate Replay
As Flux is used to store and collect data, events AND video, an operator can immediately retrieve these recorded video sequences comprehending pre- and post-incident images. This direct visual information is not only extremely valuable for the operator to take all necessary actions in case of an incident but also for traffic analysis and evaluation afterwards.

Powerful Event Alerting and Intelligent Filtering
To ensure relevant event alerting Flux allows maximum flexibility by the implementation of advanced filters. A filter is a set of inhibitions to be launched for a group of cameras. Each inhibition is characterised by events that must be filtered on one or more zones. These filters can be triggered directly from the Flux user interface, automatically from digital inputs from the video detection system or the built-in Flux scheduler or remotely from a larger management system.

Versatile Traffic Management Platform For Any Size System
From small-scale video detection to large-scale systems with hundreds of detection devices, the open architecture of Flux allows scaling the system to the exact requirements of the project.
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