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Kar-Gor offers products and services for the transportation industry. Kar-Gor prides itself in providing a level of service for the past 20+ years to its customers that is second to none. In an industry that is ever changing, customers need technology partners that can guide them through the complexities of today's market. At Kar-Gor, we are committed to being that technology partner for our customer.

Kar-Gor continues to grow its product line, focusing on products that deliver cost effective solutions and provide unmatched quality and performance. We are very selective in the products that we elect to represent. Being so selective, and having worked with Traficon for over 17 years, we are proud to say that we are distributors of traffic products from Flir Intelligent Transportation Systems, who purchased Traficon in 2012. Traffic managers all over the world use intelligent technology from FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems to monitor and manage traffic streams. Be it for monitoring motorists and pedestrians in urban areas, for detecting incidents on highways and in tunnels, or for traffic data collection purposes, FLIR intelligent detection and monitoring solutions enhance traffic safety and mobility on a daily basis.

Kar-Gor has installed over 5000 Video Detection Systems in the Western US and Canada and is currently completing a County Wide installation of 400 plus intersections in Ada County, Idaho. They have also completed the installation of 500 plus locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado as well. Kar-Gor is the chosen vendor for many agencies in the Northwest because of their staff’s experience and superior customer service.

Kar-Gor has seven staff members located in either the main office in Salem, Oregon or in satellite offices in Renton, and Yakima, Washington. All the offices have staff with extensive traffic control experience within the industry.
In the fall of 2010 Kar-Gor was acquired by Control Technologies based in Orlando Florida. Control Technologies was started in 1980 and has been a leader in the Eastern US as a system integrator and project management company since the 1990’s. As Kar-Gor grows from a Video Detection Supplier to a full service Traffic Control supplier and integrator within the Northwest, they will use the experience of the parent company and its staff to accomplish this growth plan. Kar-Gor prides itself on being an extension of the agency and by being the technical partner in an Intelligent Transportation System and work with the agency till the complete solution is accomplished.

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